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category: Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Web Design

Ringers Gloves

Ringers Gloves is the original innovator of the safety work glove. The objective of this campaign was to drive online sales and raise awareness for their Milifire (Military/Tactical and First Responders) line of products.

As Creative Director on this project, I was in charge of creating the narratives and developing the supporting graphics. Aside from promoting the features and benefits of the gloves, I thought it would be equally important (or more important) to focus on the hands behind the gloves and the man or woman needing to protect their hands, for their lives "outside of the job". The person who after a long day at work wants to play ball with their kids, walk their children to school, hold hands with their partner, etc... I also developed the tagline for this campaign"Our reputation is in Your hands".

  • responsibile for:

    Creative Direction, Website Design, Copywriting, Social Media Graphics, Online Store Manager